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Can Air Travel Damage Your Lymph Flow?

Are your ankles swollen when air traveling?

Air Travel and Lymph Flow

Air Travel and Lymph Flow

Summer is almost here! A joyful time for the entire family! Now vacation time is being sought, thought and selected by almost everybody. Well,  in case air travel is in your plans, be aware of your lymph flow.

Summer, vacation, and air travel can be a lethal combination for your Lymphatic System. An indicator of the problem is if your ankles or calves swell after your air travel.

As the ankles swell, the lymph fluid, rather than returning to the heart is accumulating in the lower legs, feet and ankles. So, the lymph flow becomes sluggish. Sluggish lymph becomes stagnant. Its protein content hardens, tissues are not well nourished, and toxins are retained in the tissues.

When the lymph has problems flowing, it will gradually affect all the other systems of the body. Regular air travel magnifies this problem because of the accumulative factor. Over time, you may have liver, kidney, and/or stomach problems without knowing that the original source of the problem is simply sluggish lymph!

For example: a highway is blocked by a car wreck and nobody cleaned up the vehicles to reestablish the normal traffic flow in the area. The results of this wreck will slowly and surely show up at the other end of the road. No car will be able to move from as far out as 50 or 100 miles away. But at this far point from the wreck, nobody knows the origin of the problem. If those in charge try to divert the cars to other roads, it won’t work! The other roads will become clogged as well. When the real source is not addressed, the problem just increases exponentially.

The same is true with your Lymphatic System! If there is lymph stagnation, which is not properly addressed, gradually, other body areas will suffer, as well. New problems, far from the original lymph stagnation, will show up. Unfortunately these new problems appear unrelated to the original cause. And the problem just increases with weird and hard to detect diseases.

The longer the air travel, the bigger the risk for the lymph fluid to become stagnant.

In my next post, I”ll be talking about the reasons air travel affects your Lymphatic System and what to do about it. See you then!!!

To be continued…