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Hi, I’m back, dear Lymphatic family! I did not forget you! I have been busy. After a Lymphatic Yoga Teacher Training in Florida, I travelled to the Foldi Clinic in Germany. I had an amazing time with Dr. Foldi and the other physicians of this renowned Lymphatic Center. I’m looking forward to sharing all this great information with you.

Dr. Foldi reaction to my Lymphatic Yoga Book :)

Dr. Foldi’s reaction to my Lymphatic Yoga Book 

Today, I want to share  two simple and very effective Lymphatic Yoga tips. They will encourage the lymph flow not only in the neck but through the entire Lymphatic System.

About 1/3 of the body lymph nodes are in the neck. Because the neck area is so rich in lymph nodes, the lymph flow in the neck determines the condition of the lymphatic flow throughout the entire body. Wow!!!

As you know, most of us carry tensions, stiffness and contractions in the neck. These tensions impair lymph flow. So, lymph fluid becomes sluggish and gradually it hardens creating stiffness in the neck. Which in turn, negatively impacts the lymphatic flow all over the body. However a healthy lymph flow in the neck automatically ensures a freer lymph motion through the whole body. So let’s improve our lymph flow! Let’s start:




1. Neck Massage

Lymphatic Yoga Tip

Lymphatic Yoga Tip

Place your hands at the back of your neck and gently press and release the neck area a few times. As you do this gentle massage bring your attention to the neck and use the right pressure. Avoid forcing or straining. Be gentle with yourself. Slowly, breathe in and out through the nose. After that, gently also press and release the area between neck and shoulders.

2. Shoulder Lift

Both arms relaxed along side the torso. Inhale and slowly lift both shoulders up towards your ears. Exhale with a sigh as you drop both shoulders – let them go. Allow your arms to relax back along your sides. Repeat several times. Lift the shoulders, without forcing, a little bit higher each time you repeat it.

Practice these two exercises every day without straining or forcing. Be as gentle and soft as a feather! The Lymphatic System is very delicate and lymph vessels can come to spasms when forced or the pressure you use is too strong.. Spasms don’t allow proper lymph flow!

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Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!!!

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  1. Lakshmi Voelker
    Lakshmi Voelker December 21, 2013 at 3:24 pm . Reply

    what are your thoughts about using a rebounder (trampoline) as a way to drain the lymphatic system? i have used one for years for this reason and now i will include your divine Lymphatic Yoga. thank you in advance for your response. Lakshmi

  2. Irina
    Irina December 30, 2013 at 11:05 am . Reply

    Thank you SO very much for these great and very doable tips!
    Much gratitude,

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