My Trip to the Symposium in Frankfurt & Foeldi Clinic!


After the Symposium in Frankfurt we were at Foeldi Clinic – (left to right, back row then front) Dr Karen Louise Herbst, Dr Mark Smith, Mike Decker (camera person), Dr Joe Dayan, Sharie Fetzer, Catherine Seo, Prof Dr Foeldi, and I in Hinterzarten, Germany.


In the 25 years that I have been researching the Lymphatic System, I have met some wonderful people. Last week I was invited  to a Symposium in Frankfurt (Germany), to discuss Lipedema and the Lymphatic System with some of the world most renowned doctors and researchers from Europe.

Despite my very busy schedule in Florida, I realized I had to go. Yes, for support and also to be part of a wave of change. Change that will benefit those of you who are directly affected by the widespread lack of knowledge that plagues the world of the Lymphatic System, Lipedema and Lymphedema.

Symposium in Frankfurt and Lymphatic Yoga

I was invited to speak about Lymphatic Yoga at the Symposium. I explained how to move the lymph fluid since the heart does not pump it and guided attendees through a short Lymphatic Yoga practice. It was a big success! Thank you to all the physicians, researchers, physical therapists and bloggers for your amazing reception to my Lymphatic Yoga presentation!

I was also blown away by the level of passion this group had for bringing awareness and resolution to the diseases caused by a compromised Lymphatic System.  I am so grateful to be a part of the beginning of something so profound and important!

Foeldi Clinic and Pioneer Dr. FoeldiDr Foeldi offering lunch to us

After the symposium, some of us traveled to see Prof Dr Foeldi at the Foeldi Clinic in Hinterzarten, in the middle of the Black Forest. Beautiful place!

It is always so inspiring to visit Prof Dr Foeldi! She is a pioneer in her area and we couldn’t be this far without her knowledge, dedication and life long work. I’m so moved every time I see Prof Dr Foeldi! She is a living icon in our field! So precious! At the same time, so humble and generous with all. I love her! She spent about six hours of her invaluable time with our group. It was wonderful!


The American Doctors in the Forefront of Lymphatic Research

Dr Foeldi, Dr Joe Dayan and Dr Mark Smith

Dr Joseph Dayan, Dr. Mark Smitn and Dr Foeldi after the Symposium in Frankfurt

Also moved by Prof Dr Foeldi presence and stature, Dr. Mark Smith (Chief of Plastic Surgery at Beth Israel Medical Center and Director of Plastic Surgery for Continuum Cancer Centers of New York ) and his colleague Dr. Joseph Dayan  introduced to Prof Dr Foeldi their cutting-edge work with lymph nodes. At the Beth Israel Medical Center both surgeons transfer vascularized lymph nodes from an healthy area of the body to the area affected with lymphedema. This is a dream work for those with lymphedema! At the end, Prof Dr Foeldi showered them with compliments for their work. It was a big deal!


We also were fortunate to have Dr. Karen Herbst – endocrinologist in fat disorder and   lipedema – who brought light to this misunderstood disease, in which diets are not effective. Great work Dr. Karen!

Prof Dr Foldi and Dr. Karen Herbst

Prof Dr Foeldi and Dr. Karen Herbst


Visiting Lymphedema / Lipedema Patients with Prof Dr Foeldi

At the end of the day, both Sharie Fetzer (Lipoedema UK, Research Co-ordinator) and I were invited to accompany Prof Dr Foeldi, the next day, in her morning visit to lipedema and lymphedema patients at the Foeldi Klinik.

After that, Prof Dr Foeldi suggested that I do a research about the benefits of Lymphatic Yoga for those with lymphedema. Great idea Prof Foeldi! Thank you!  Such research  is on the horizon with the help of my friend Sharie Fetzer from Lipoedema UK.

It was an honor to meet with Prof Dr. Foeldi and to meet many other dedicated souls, last week.  Thank you Catherine Seo for putting together and organizing these meetings! You’re changing history!

Our mission has grown legs and we can all feel something big is on the horizon.  We each brought something so incredible to the table and together we lit a torch to move faster.

See you soon,

Love, Light and Lymph,


Sharie Fetzer (Lipoedema UK, research coordinator) and Edely

Sharie Fetzer (Lipoedema UK, research coordinator) and I, after spending the morning seeing patients with Prof Dr Foeldi.



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